Dinner at Cafe del Rey

Medium-rare, mouth-watering pork chops at Cafe del Rey in Marina Del Rey.

I had the rare pleasure of having dinner with Calvin Lee. He’s a big LA foodie who was most recently seen on the TV show Make Me A Millionaire Inventor on CNBC last Thursday (10/13). You can catch the episode online on CNBC here.

Cafe del Rey is an oceanfront restaurant that overlooks Marina del Rey providing incredible oceanic views. Viewing the sun set slowly over the horizon while enjoying great food and great company is part of this restaurant’s identity. All of the dishes shown below and on the menu at this restaurant are gastronomic masterpieces by the head chef, David Vilchez.

We started the evening out with these wonderful little crackers. The tuna spread was exquisite, light and not overly oily.

Cracker with tuna spread

I had a savory octopus dish with black squid ink. It was a very tasty take on octopus and I’ve had quite a few in the past, having lived in Japan for 3 years.

Savory octopus

Calvin had medium-rare pork chops.


We also had a side of brussel sprouts for our veggies.

Brussel Sprouts

For dessert I had a peach cobbler. Shelly, our waitress, with family from the South and a family tradition of making peach cobblers, attested to the wholesome tastiness of the peach cobbler. That was probably the best peach cobbler I’ve ever had. It was also comfortably sized for two.

Apple Cobbler

Calvin had a strawberry cheesecake.

Strawberry Chesecake

I want to thank Cafe del Rey for having Calvin and I for dinner. A big shout-out to our wonderful server Shelly who was detail-oriented, articulate and gracious with her meal recommendations.

Thank you Calvin Lee for providing the photos and enjoying the meal with me!

Calvin Lee on TV
Calvin Lee a foodie judge on Make Me a Millionaire Inventor on CNBC

Cafe del Rey, 4451 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, CA 90292. www.cafedelraymarina.com

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